Meet Todd Towles


Todd Towles

Founder/President – Rep of the Rockies

I am a Software Development Services Expert, Medical Software Game Changer and IoT Software Connector. I represent Custom Software Development firms as an independent sales representative.

I work with several technology associations including TechRioT, Innosphere, The Colorado Technology Association, 10.10.10 and more. As a TechRioT advisor, I help companies grow their businesses thru years of IoT business knowledge and experience as well as connections in the industry. I advise companies thru their critical stages as well as help with sales, marketing, customer target strategies, partner ideas and introductions, and more.

As an Innosphere Advisor, I help high-tech startups that are client companies of the nonprofit technology incubator Innosphere. Advising these companies through the critical stages of validation, startup, funding and growth help to accelerate their path to success. I also I have 10+ years experience in technology sales experience.

If your team needs software help, come to me first. I make an unbiased recommendation and introduction at no cost to you.